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panama bearer share corporation
  1. Friendly Nations Visa
  2. Self Economic Solvency
  3. Business Investor Visa
  4. Reforestation Investor
  5. Retired or Pensioned
  6. Through Marriage
panama bearer share corporation
panama bearer share corporation
We can arrange for the opening of a bank account with the bank of your choice or alternatively supply you with a choice of banks which we engage business through and which we have excellent business relationships with. On receipt of your instructions we will contact the bank to ascertain their requirements and forward all documentation to you for signature. For Companies: We can also arrange all company documentation required by the Bank to accompany your application. Alternatively, we can manage your bank account by providing nominee signatories to the account. In this way you will only need to contact us in relation to the account with your instructions and we will liase with the bank accordingly.
panama bearer share corporation
  1. Panama registration of yachts
  2. Provision of marine insurance 
  3. Panama registration for the individual yachtsman 
  4. Provision of radio maritime services including obtaining your radio license 
  5. Panama registration of aircraft with confidential company ownership 
  6. Legal advice on the purchase of your vessel - Registration of mortgages 
  7. Providing legal opinions on transactions 
  8. Advising on VAT issues, yacht chartering agreements and crew employment contract.
panama bearer share corporation
  • The following are national taxes in accordance with the provisions of article 683 of the Fiscal Code:
    • Import tax.
    • Rent tax.
    • Real estate tax.
    • Ships tax.
    • Stamps.
    • Notice of operations tax.
    • Banks, financiers and exchange houses taxes.
    • Insurance tax.
    • Consumption of fuel and petroleum products tax.
    • Transfer of personal property and furniture and provision of services tax.
    • Selective consumption of certain goods and services tax.
    • Transfer of real estate tax.
    • Dividend (Supplementary) tax.
    • Capital earnings tax.
panama bearer share corporation
panama bearer share corporation

A1 IMMIGRATION LAWYER provides registered office and registered agent services where appropriate in the company’s country of incorporation.

Our responsibility as Company Secretary ensures that company records are up to date and statutory documents are completed, signed and filed in a timely manner.

We are able to provide documents such as powers of attorney which can be notarised and legalised within 48 hours by our in house Notary Public.

We will either retain your mail and send it on to you on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, forward it to you immediately we receive it or keep it at our offices for you personal collection or retention.

A1 IMMIGRATION LAWYER can provide a Panama address, telephone, fax and e-mail service whereby your company letterhead and documentation may show that the business address is located in central Panama City. Telephone calls will be answered courteously by our staff and callers invited to leave a message. Messages taken and faxes or e-mails received can either be read to you over the telephone or forwarded to you by post, fax or e-mail.

panama bearer share corporation

Property Tax Calculation in Panama
Taxes are obligations that people and/or companies have to pay to contribute with the State expenses and investments financing.
In the Property Tax case in Panama, the Tax Code has three different fees for the purposes of its calculation.

The first corresponds to a Combined Progressive Rate (TPC) that applies to all property or real estate.
The Tax Code indicates that the combined progressive rate of this tax is as follows:

  • 1.75% on the taxable base amount in excess of thirty thousand balboas up to fifty thousand balboas.
  • 1.95% on the taxable base amount in excess of fifty thousand balboas up to seventy-five thousand balboas.
  • 2.10% on the taxable base amount in excess of seventy-five thousand balboas

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